Made For Each Other

BookmarksPicture the romantic scene:
My husband and I nestled side-by-side into a seat-for-two in a public waiting area. I pulled a book from  my backpack and, lo and behold, he pulled a book from his.
I opened my selection to my bookmarked page and he…
laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.


I slammed my book shut and scanned the room for other mockers. I retrieved the source of my embarrassment–my bookmark–and tried to hide it under my shoe, where I usually keep it.  All romance left the building with my pride, until my sweet spouse showed me his bookmark.

BTW: There's 165 bookmarks in every roll!

BTW: There are 176 bookmarks in every roll!

It was the same brand as mine–Charmin Ultra Soft 2-ply (for the sensitive reader)!

Yes, you might say we were made for each other.

Sometimes these little epiphanies bring joy.

Sometimes they just mortify.

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