Over watered

Water GlassLast night a famous entertainer shared her simple health and beauty secret: water. She doesn’t just soak in it.  She drinks a lot of it.

I’ve often suspected that I don’t drink enough water, so I resolved to start the fountain-of-youth-beauty-treatment today.  And, I figured that if lots is good, more must be better.  So, instead of sitting at the computer to revise my chapter book, I printed off all ten chapters, stapling them individually, and read them as I exercised. Before, after, and between each chapter, I downed a nine-ounce glass of water–99 ounces–into an empty stomach.

When I finished proofing my manuscript, my head spun. Fatigue and nauseam overtook me.  My lower back hurt. I fought the overwhelming temptation to take a nap.  Instead I Googled “too much water?” and this link popped up on the screen: Are you drinking too much water? 

Huh? I didn’t know you could.  But, this article from Thank Your Body says I experienced water intoxication. Thanks to the author, Robin Konie, I could identify what I’d done.  I immediately went to my kitchen and ate a salty meal. Although I still felt loopy, (be kind); I wasn’t quite so sleepy or seasick.

If you think water is good for you, don’t jump overboard and drink the pool dry. Sure, your pee may run clear; but your bairn brian brain won’t.

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