Made For Each Other

BookmarksPicture the romantic scene:
My husband and I nestled side-by-side into a seat-for-two in a public waiting area. I pulled a book from  my backpack and, lo and behold, he pulled a book from his.
I opened my selection to my bookmarked page and he…
laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.


I slammed my book shut and scanned the room for other mockers. I retrieved the source of my embarrassment–my bookmark–and tried to hide it under my shoe, where I usually keep it.  All romance left the building with my pride, until my sweet spouse showed me his bookmark.

BTW: There's 165 bookmarks in every roll!

BTW: There are 176 bookmarks in every roll!

It was the same brand as mine–Charmin Ultra Soft 2-ply (for the sensitive reader)!

Yes, you might say we were made for each other.

Sometimes these little epiphanies bring joy.

Sometimes they just mortify.

Over watered

Water GlassLast night a famous entertainer shared her simple health and beauty secret: water. She doesn’t just soak in it.  She drinks a lot of it.

I’ve often suspected that I don’t drink enough water, so I resolved to start the fountain-of-youth-beauty-treatment today.  And, I figured that if lots is good, more must be better.  So, instead of sitting at the computer to revise my chapter book, I printed off all ten chapters, stapling them individually, and read them as I exercised. Before, after, and between each chapter, I downed a nine-ounce glass of water–99 ounces–into an empty stomach.

When I finished proofing my manuscript, my head spun. Fatigue and nauseam overtook me.  My lower back hurt. I fought the overwhelming temptation to take a nap.  Instead I Googled “too much water?” and this link popped up on the screen: Are you drinking too much water? 

Huh? I didn’t know you could.  But, this article from Thank Your Body says I experienced water intoxication. Thanks to the author, Robin Konie, I could identify what I’d done.  I immediately went to my kitchen and ate a salty meal. Although I still felt loopy, (be kind); I wasn’t quite so sleepy or seasick.

If you think water is good for you, don’t jump overboard and drink the pool dry. Sure, your pee may run clear; but your bairn brian brain won’t.

The Rain Has Gone

Iris OpenFor the first time after a long winter and a deluge of rainy days, Minnesotans are singing their blahs away with Johnny Nash’s, “I Can See Clearly Now”.FragrantWonder Yellow

Our KEM GEMS writer’s group welcomed the sunshine via a fragrant field trip to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.





St FrancisDoveLilac ClusterRedConeColor Coated

You need to smell it to believe it.  If your senses need a vacation, this is just the place for you.Arboretum Rainbow

Thanks for sharing the beauty, University of Minnesota!  And, thanks to my writing sisters, for leading me to this Garden of Eden Prairie.  (No offense, Chaska or Chanhassen. Garden of Eden Prairie sounds better in this story.)